About Us

Welcome to Greenhouse Entertainment


Greenhouse Entertainment is a leading B2B solution of wholesale and retail products. We offer wholesalers a catalog of products that they can sell for profit at retail prices and customers high-quality products for personal use. We thoroughly check the quality of our goods, working only with reliable suppliers so that you only receive the best quality product.  No registration is required to search the site and shop for products

How to purchase products

For retail purchase, simply add products to your cart and you can check out then pay online at any time. For wholesale inquires, please contact us directly and we can give you a quote depending on what the quantity you are looking for.

Are the suppliers reputable?

We personally review and screen each and every company that is listed on our website to confirm that they are high-quality products. Our quality assurance team is constantly testing new products we are looking to list to ensure our standards are being met before they are sold. If, for some reason, you find a product that isn’t to your quality standards, please reach out to our customer service team and we will provide you a full refund.

For wholesale quotes and inquires please contact us here.